Webdrone is committed to continuous dynamic improvement, both in the pursuit of its clients’ satisfaction and in the adoption of an ethical and responsible conduct in its activities, transactions, and relationships.


Webdrone’s policy is to prioritize the satisfaction of its clients and the personalization of each service. This high standard is only achievable by a constant focus on efficiency, adaptability, and evolution of its activities.


The quality of work life for employees is one of the most essential aspects of a company. Webdrone oversees the prevention of all health and security risks for its employees, constantly looking for improvements in working conditions.


In view of the environmental issues linked to global warming and resource degradation, minimizing Webdrone’s environmental impact is a central priority.


Webdrone commits to maintaining mutual respect and a relationship of trust with all parties involved (clients, collaborators, partners, service providers, and shareholders). Webdrone commits to guaranteeing the security and protection of the private data of all affiliated parties.


All strategic decisions are based on a precise understanding of risk and opportunity. Webdrone commits to ensuring the respect of Human Rights and the respect for the Environment, including on behalf of its affiliated parties. 


Webdrone and the ensemble of its collaborators commit to adopting an exemplary conduct, notably in the matters of unfair trading and the fight against corruption. The objective is to act in the interest of the company and its clients and to avoid any conflict of interest.


Webdrone commits to the promotion of respect for the law, and to the application of regulations and definitive contracts with affiliated parties.
Webdrone oversees the daily practice of the commitments made in this charter.