Sellers – Wholesalers

The wholesalers are different from mere sellers in terms of quantity and sales network. Only one person in a social network who illegally buys or sells one or two products has a low impact on the threats which producers have to cope with. A wholesaler has dozens or hundreds of products. They are well-informed professionals and are able to supply international distribution channels. Their presence on social networks, trade and small ads websites constitutes a high threat.

Means of action

They are several ways to fight against this source of threat :

  • Block and seize the financial flows which remunerate the sellers. Several global means of stopping illegal sales on the Internet exist,
  • Stop the sellers and impose a fine or a term of imprisonment,
  • Threat the seller in order to stop his/her activity,
  • Warn the social or commercial platforms to erase the publications or close a seller’s account,
  • This struggle against sellers and wholesalers requires a full monitoring of the Internet network thanks to tools specializing in detection of counterfeiting sales in large quantities.

Nowadays the wholesalers easily find buyers on the Internet networks with impunity.