Webdrone specializes in detecting activities on the Internet which could be a threat for the customers’ essential goods. Different means are deployed depending on the needs:

An access to Webdrone platform (Access and Premium subscriptions)
A service of searching and investigation on request
The training for teams tasked with on line watch
The 4 pillars of Webdrone solution
The 4 pillars of Webdrone solution

Subscriptions platform

ACCESS subscription

The ACCESS subscription is completed by a mission of configuration and by a user training. It enables the customer to exploit the technical capabilities of the platform with full autonomy. A monitoring unit is therefore set up at the customer’s office, with trained users, to benefit from results of the E-drones continuously. The customer is autonomous with regard to his results qualification and his analysis reports.

PREMIUM subscription

PREMIUM subscription is a complete solution including the ACCESS subscription and expert services for the personalized assistance of the customer from the targets identification to the edition of operational reports with the configuration, the follow-up and the analysis. Webdrone experts carry out investigations in order to obtain further information in addition to automated process of research and analysis by the E-drones.

Additional services

Research and investigation missions

Webdrone experts handle research and analysis missions to identify the most active areas and the most relevant Web actors within the framework of the missions entrusted to them.

These missions could be carried out independently of Webdrone platform. Depending on the perimeter and the duration of the mission, our experts opt for the most adapted means to select all information which could respond to the customer’s issue.

The expert provides the customer with a synthesis report at the end of a mission or for each period specified in the subscription contract and assists the customer in all phases of the project from the identification of risk areas to the analysis of results obtained thanks to the different means of monitoring.

Training courses

Webdrone is able to organize a skills transfer on several themes in the context of the use of Webdrone technologies or more generally on issues of Internet monitoring and risk management:
Use of Webdrone platform
E-drones steering and configuration
Cartographic analysis of the results
Internet monitoring
Management and detection of cyber threats
Digital presence and online reputation
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