Luxury and leading brands

Luxury and leading brands are widely copied all around the world. The luxury industry which amounts 440 billion euros in Europe is a prey for the counterfeiters. About 21% of customs seizures are luxury goods counterfeiting. This problem also affects the Internet.

Dessin de mode

The trading mechanisms are numerous:

  • Sales on social networks (propositions on profiles or in picture galleries, with closed discussions to complete the transactions)
  • Small ads on specialized platforms
  • Trading platforms
  • Commercial websites
  • Public or closed forums and discussion groups
  • Private sales
  • Offers and solicitation via e-mail

Counterfeiters do not hesitate to use a profile name or a domain name mentioning a brand to mislead the consumers and to let them believe that this way is one of the distribution channels of the company concerned.

Webdrone service

Webdrone platform enables to accomplish the first detections of trade activity of counterfeiting, copies and grey market and to organize files about all the activities thanks to investigation mechanisms on the wholesalers and suppliers. Webdrone detects mentions of the trade mark (exact, nearing or equivalent) and mentions of products on all the types of publication: groups, forums, trading platforms, small ads, blogs and websites.

For each investigation sectors, Webdrone applies specific rules. Webdrone team is especially active on the luxury sector and has a pre-configuration for fragrances, watches, fashion accessories, bags and glasses. E-drones configurations are regularly enhanced according to the customers’ requests and this non-exhaustive list is likely to evolve at any time. Webdrone also creates new sectors of monitoring to each issue of luxury brands.