Digital presence

” Business Intelligence first has an attack part, information research enables to anticipate for more effectiveness. The second part is the protection because with the attack you realize that any company can have flaws about information security, and it is necessary to know how to protect it “

Alain Juillet, a former High Representative for Economic Intelligence in SGDN

Empreinte digitale

Here is what a business leader must keep in mind. It is necessary to protect confidential or professional information. Strategic information is the key to the success of the company security. This concerns all companies, SME/SMI or groups. Business Intelligence is a way to master the environment to prevent different risks. It supplies information which will be used for competitive advantage.

Companies compete with each other on the market of products and services, but the competition is set beyond this. Each company observes attentively what the other does and uses this information to its advantage. Business Intelligence enables to make good use of it. In a competitive and globalized economic world, protecting information and watching what is told about one’s company is primordial.