Events and cultural goods

Sporting and newsworthy events are counterfeiters’ prey. They set up fake platforms of tickets or stays purchase to take benefit from economic spinoffs of these events.

Online fake tickets for resale are available on what is called the black market. Some dishonest merchants specialize in the resale of fake tickets. They make tickets and sell them on the Internet for higher prices. These frauds are unfortunately found out too late, when the buyer tries to attend the event.

Billets finale au Brésil

Planetary events inspire counterfeiters

These practices are commonplace in international outstanding events or visits of renowned places. It is also the case for football world cups (on the beginning of June 2014, 275000 euros were spent for fake tickets for Brazil Football world cup), rugby world cup or to visit the Louvre. At the same time, logos, jerseys or official derivative products are copied and sold out of official distribution channels. These frauds affect organizers and brands of the events.