Webdrone platform is a system available in hosted mode which enables the configuration of the solution, the automated research and analysis of information by the e-drones and the exploitation of this information by the customer. Available in two different types of subscription, the platform allows the user to:

  • Set the research elements
  • Consult, analyze and enrich the information detected
  • Trigger process of automated investigations
  • Narrow the e-drones direction
  • Edit an analysis report
Plate-forme de veille Webdrone
Pilotage des Edrones

Configuring and steering the e-drones

Webdrone platform is partly based on the e-drones research and analysis system. This innovative concept, developed and protected by Webdrone, is available for the customer through a web-based interface, and entirely steered by Webdrone experts for the whole part of configuration in relation to the customer’s issue and for the supervision of e-drones activity.

Training courses

Webdrone organizes training courses for users in order to enable people authorized by the customer to access the platform, to participate in the configuration and in the steering of the e-drones and to exploit fully the results collected within the framework of the platform.

Analysis process

The detection system by e-drones that Webdrone developed enables the users to detect and to enhance data linked with the customer’s targets. Then these data are analyzed and supplemented by Webdrone experts as part of a personalized assistance. This solution provides added value which is essential for a full operational exploitation.

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