Places for exchange

Sharing areas

Some areas like forums or discussion groups are conducive to contact between sellers and buyers. Sellers offer bargains thanks to unauthorized distribution channels.

Parallel sales channels

Ces sites ne font pas partie des canaux de distribution officiels il n’y a aucun garantie quant à l’authenticité des produits achetés.

Sales platforms are independent of right-holders and brands cannot control the sellers. There are several types of platforms: trade platform, trading websites and small ads websites.

Unauthorized distribution channels provide brand products from parallel networks. These suppliers offer the best prices thanks to an independent wholesaler.

Sales networks

The sales networks change from day to day with the emergence of new products and sellers. The sellers publish ads by trying to draw the buyer’s attention. It is necessary for the brands and the official distributors to monitor information flows.

Webdrone technology provides the detection of new seller’s emergence and the variances of sales volume they offer. The social networks are also investigated attentively and the profiles and the new products on social networks are updated.

Social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Instagram are the most used social networks. They abound with counterfeit products. Some users offer very low prices of products of which the photos are published.

Considering the number of sellers on these networks, this kind of distribution is very much prized. Keeping alerted and watching these social networks forms a priority.

Information areas

Brands suffer from an unfair competition and lose control on the distribution. The watching becomes a trade issue. A logo or a symbol are only owned by the entity which holds rights on it. It is part of the brand identity and is governed by the intellectual property. Using the brand identity for another economic identity is a crime. The websites which use unauthorized contents