Strategic data leakage

The theft of information is increasing. Information about a product output, its positioning, customer databases, and even information about individuals associated with the project. The characteristics and technologies of the products are strategic for the companies.

The know-how of a company represents a large part of its informational assets. The criticality of the information is estimated according to its strategic importance for the company and its impact in case of leakage. The risk of data breach is increasing because of the dematerialization of information and its external storage. The leakage can be voluntary or not and causes a major concern for companies.

Webdrone technology detects and collects strategic or confidential information which can be found on the visible and invisible Web, but also on the Web which is not indexed and opaque. It reduces potential vulnerabilities of the information system of the company.

Digital presence

The documents and files of your company can be disseminated in the public domain. Therefore, external individuals can be acquainted with confidential or secretive information. Digital presence is about cryptography and enables to detect information on the Internet. Webdrone intervenes to link the pieces of information and to determine the nature of the information and the platforms on which it can be found.


Critical information can escape the control of the firms. An incorrect handling, an oversight or a configuration problem related to security can lead to a data leakage.