Virtual drones technology

Webdrone services rely on a new crawling and analytical technology thanks to e-drones (virtual drones) to browse the web searching cybercriminal activities, especially on counterfeiting and grey market networks or strategic information leaks.

Research and analysis missions

Like civil or military drones, Webdrone’s virtual drones are set to perform detection tasks. Their conduct is adapted to  the different web areas and to customer’s issues defined for a mission. Then the information is collected and analyzed by experts to isolate and to retrieve operational data.


Webdrone disposes of necessary skills to steer virtual drones. Our experts are able to set them for each mission and to retrieve operational information. These skills can also be mastered directly by the customer or the partnerships through skills transfer. Webdrone can ensure training courses for users in order to steer the e-drones, to detect and exploit data on the web that could constitute a threat for the right-holders.