Counterfeiting threatens companies, public authorities and people.

It would affect global finance by reaching 500 to 1000 billion dollars depending on the sources.

The company targeted by counterfeiters could incur a loss of revenue, a know-how’s piracy and a negative image or reputation which could curb its development.

Counterfeiting supplies criminal organizations which highly threatens the security of all countries involved.

In addition to the financial loss, this phenomenon encourages the development of mafia or terrorist organizations which exploit poor people and children.

Counterfeiting occurs once the brand identity is copied. The intellectual property of a brand is not stand by a symbol or a name only; it also gathers the know-how, the shape and the cut of the product, which means whatever makes the brand unique.

Counterfeiting diversified and now affects medicine, cosmetic products or toys which represents an increased risk for consumers’ health.

Webdrone struggles against counterfeiting alongside all the actors of the fight thanks to the development of an automated platform which detects counterfeiting sales on the Internet (social networks, market platforms and websites, small ads, forums…) and thanks to its expert service of investigation on the networks.


Internet is full of replicas of watches, bags, glasses and other fashion accessories. Replicas are unauthorized copies of protected products. It threatens rights-holders of genuine products but also official distributors and degrades the image and the value of brands and products.

The consumers of copies are usually aware of the illegal aspect of their purchase. Replicas have a social function which enables the consumer to show that he can afford buying luxury or brand products.