Webdrone SAS is a French company which was set up in 2011. Its operations are based in Burgundy.

Our expertise, experience and know-how in the areas of business intelligence and cybercrime have enabled us to develop a versatile tool for monitoring and for fighting against the various forms of cybercrime.

The company consists of 25 people and is divided into two parts: the research and development department and the expertise and monitoring department.

A project supported by the incubator PREMICE, BPI France, Réseau Entreprendre, the Burgundy Region and the European Union via the FEDER.


Luxury and leading brands
Consumer goods
Medicine and pharmaceutical industry
Wine and spirits
Events and cultural goods
Components, parts and materials
Electronics and High Tech
Image – Audio – Multimedia

Means of action

Webdrone’s partners are professionals who gather evidence, enforce law and ensure confidence in digital economy. These strategic partnerships provide customers with necessary means to protect brands, products, copyright, distribution channels, consumers, strategic information, image and reputation.

Purposes and issues

Webdrone targets all forms of cybercrime by setting up tools and methods to detect promptly online disseminations which could be a threat to the essential goods of an organization.

Issues can be diversified depending on the lines of business. Webdrone deals with the most widespread problems as a priority and remains attentive to the customers’ specific requests.


Grey market
Public health
Business Intelligence
Strategic data leakage
Digital presence
Public order