Webdrone responds to the problem of the customer’s prejudice assessment and provides pieces of evidence on several topics. For this purpose, Webdrone supports its customers for the entire procedural period.

Symbole de la justice

The legal means

The fight against counterfeiting can be implemented in two legal ways.

On the one hand, the fight is based on civil action of companies prejudiced by counterfeiting which seek redress. In civil matters, various specific procedures exist. They are commended by the stakeholders in the fight against counterfeit for their effectiveness with regard to protection of industrial property rights of which the objective consists of the collection of counterfeiting evidence (seizures…).

On the other hand, the fight is based on criminal action, from a complaint of prejudiced companies to the competent authorities. Lawyers take action to plead the case in the courts which are responsible to decide in favor or not of the complainant.

The custom means

In 2014, the custom officers seized 8.8 millions of counterfeiting products.

In the fight against counterfeiting, the custom action is fundamental for the control of goods entering the territory, especially thanks to the custom withholding. To be effective, a prior request must be sent to the Directorate-General for Customs and Indirect Taxation. Then, the custom officers could intervene and put the goods out of the distribution channels for a given period of time.

The bailiffs’ acknowledgment

The recognition is recorded by a bailiff and enables to give a probative value for any legal action. A bailiff intervenes in this context in order to prepare a report linked to Webdrone teams’ work.

After collecting, the data are processed and analyzed to be useful for the report. The final phase of our mission consists of validating and recording the results to a bailiff following the customer’s confirmation.